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PostSubject: PILOTTRAINER MUMBAI   Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:10 pm

It is a known fact that not all CPL pilots with just 200hr plus are really fully confident in Instrument procedures, VOR/ADF intercepts, Instrument approaches etc and more so in a Glass cockpit environment.

But job openings are there now for one to go directly for advanced airliners like ATR/A320?B737/CRJ/ERJ etc etc .From cessna which is a big jump

A bit of coaching is absolutely in order here , If you want to get ahead in the selection process of interviews , SIM tests etc.

Even after selection in an airline,it is wise to get pretrained on the Type of plane your airline is operating, enabling you to go abroad CONFIDENTLY for the regular Typerating SIM sessions,

. When one has spent a fortune in obtaining a CPl, it will only be prudent that you consolidate your employability by undergoing this course instead of trying to go for it without proper foundation..

Shrewdly assessing the situation, Kingfisher has contracted us to train their abinitio CPL entrants before they are sent to Toulouse for ATR72 / A320.

So far, 104 such pilots from Kingfisher alone have been trained by us apart from other customers..

We at pilottrainer complex at Mumbai provide the much needed Instrument Flying Coaching to all trainees/ CPL /ATPL pilots with full orientation in Glass cockpit envioronment.

Visit or

The course is of 6 days duration normally.

One shouldnt be pennywise and pound foolish since when some candidate doesnt get selected or return as failure from a Typerating SIM course at Toulouse etc, apart from the shame of it, one stands to lose monetarily as well heavily in terms of repayment of training costs, contract issues and remaining on meagre stipend of 30000 etc while one could be earning regular First officer pay. Just think about it. Choice is yours.
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